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Little about Dan…

In 2005, I retired from the United States Air Force after a successful 20-year career. I served in a variety of positions, including missile operations, missile maintenance, international disarmament, and aircraft maintenance. My final assignment was serving as deputy commander for a group of 1200 airmen who keep our fleet of B-52 aircraft flying. I was also a college instructor for four years, teaching Air Force ROTC at Marquette University. All of these experiences helped to develop skills in leading, teaching, managing, mentoring, negotiating, and budgeting.

During that career, I served several churches in a variety of ways. I was an elder, deacon, teacher, supply preacher, and committee chairman in several places. I've sung in several of those churches, and served as a fill-in song leader several times. My preaching opportunities even included six messages in a small church in Ukraine.

Since retiring from the Air Force, I have been involved in ministries in Indiana, Florida, and Illinois - and I spent time completing my Master of Divinity degree (with a specialty in preaching) from Lincoln Christian Seminary in Lincoln, Illinois. I graduated (with honors) in May of 2009.

I served on the board of the West Africa Christian Mission for five years, and a trip to Nigeria allowed me to preach in two churches in Nigeria and teach a seminar in a Bible College near Lagos, Nigeria.
I started doing mainly supply preaching, revival preaching, and leadership seminars in August of 2009. Since beginning that ministry, I have had the honor of preaching and/or teaching in churches in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, South Dakota, West Virginia, Florida, Kansas, Pennsylvania, and Wyoming – and I look forward to further opportunities to preach the Word wherever I might be needed.

I added Gospel Concerts to my list of ministries in 2011 - I sing mostly recent Southern Gospel and some modern praise and worship music. So far, my singing opportunities have been in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Kansas, Georgia, Virginia, and Florida.


                - 1981: BA (Political Science), Indiana University
                - 1988: MBA (Leadership and Management), University of South Dakota
                - 2009: MDiv (Preaching) (With Honors), Lincoln Christian Seminary

                -  Married to Sandra since November, 1980

                - One Daughter and Son-in-law, who both hold Master's Degrees from 

                  Kentucky Christian University (and four adorable grandchildren!)
                Available upon request.